The Motivating Power of New Toys

2015/01/img_2536.jpgWell, I seem to be done for now as far as new toys tools for writing are concerned. The fancy Adonit Jot Touch with Pixelpoint stylus was a Christmas gift. I love it to the point of keeping it under my bed at night along with my iPad, so I can write down wee-hours inspiration. The apps that I’ve been blogging about since November have been joined by the updated version of an old occasional flame, iThoughts.

iThoughts is a mind-mapping app for iOS that has everything I could ever want for visual outlining. It’s a lot less linear than traditional outliners–a good thing as I tend to make “outlines” that look like this:
2015/01/img_2533-0.pngThe odd circular thing–well, I could do that freehand in Noteshelf, or in Scapple on the Mac, but I have some auxiliary chunks that import well as classical outlines. I don’t feel like typing them in by hand, nor like drawing them by hand with all their little boxes…

Anyway, having gotten tech out of my system for a while, I’ve been making progress on actually writing. Good progress. I hope to keep it up.