Fiction Unboxed — I get to watch the crazy men write a book…

Fiction Unboxed…presuming they fund, of course.

I’ve reviewed Write, Publish, Repeat by Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant on Goodreads. The title says it all. My problem is finishing what I write (other than blog posts, writing group event flyers, and similar non-paying projects…) I’ve got at least two, and possibly as many as five (yeah, I’m afraid to look) novel drafts that I could revise and publish, only one of which is even partly revised.

But Sean and Johnny are presumably going to help fix that. If their KickStarter funds, they will take a novel from nothing — no concept, no premise, no genre, nada — to a finished, published, roughly 75,000 word novel in thirty days. And their backers (Me! Me!) get to watch. Everything.

Before I listen to writing or publishing advice, I want to see a person’s credentials. Do they publish fiction? Are they self-published? Do they make a living writing fiction? A decent living? Sean and Johnny pass with flying colors. This is better even than a book of writing advice; I’ll get to see what really happens to get a book finished and published. As the inevitable writers’ advice goes, “Show, don’t tell.”

I will watch during June, and see if it helps me with what happens in Camp NaNoWriMo in July.

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