Camp NaNoWriMo, Day 8

I logged a little over 1900 words today, enough to enable me to finish on time if I can keep it up. While I’d like to be getting back to “par”, where I’d only have to churn out 1613 words per day, I’ll settle for not getting further behind.

I’ve been using Aeon Timeline to record the structure of what I’m writing. It can be a bit frustrating at times, because the app doesn’t always work the way I think, but the result is that I have a growing list of characters with notes on each. I also have scenes and chapters with durations neatly recorded and displayed in graphic fashion. It syncs with Scrivener, so that each new chapter and scene gets its own event automatically, and I get to fill in details of who and when. If I get that sophisticated, it can help me keep track of subplots.

At least this time when the month ends, I won’t be wrestling with a sticky, amorphous mass of 50,000 words, trying to find structure and revise for publication at the same time. I’m sure there was a pony in there somewhere, but digging it out was far harder than it should have been.