NaNoWriMo 2019 Post-Mortem #amwriting #nanowrimo

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Fubar. (Rough translation: Fouled Up Beyond All Repair.)

I didn’t break five digits. I’d go look at my final total, but it’s too embarrassing.

OTOH, I’m past the winter solstice, alive, and not too much heavier than I was at the beginning of October. My short story, “The Replacement”, was published in the NaNo Los Angeles anthology, Journeys to Uncharted Lands. I’m working on publishing it as a short in the usual places. I’ve redecorated my bedroom/office and re-read every novel series in my reading apps, as (looking at my reading app stats and credit card statements) I do every winter when I’m seasonally depressed. At least I haven’t gained 20 pounds or stopped exercising completely, as I did last year.

Happy 2020! More daylight soon!