Update on Keto Diet

I continue to be amazed by my progress at losing weight, my body composition improvement, and at cognition improvement. Setbacks (and there are some; you’ll see them in the graph) are short, and (thinking back on it) triggered by poorer-than-usual sleep.

The longest sustained weight loss I’ve experienced (as measured by the slope of the EMA being continuously negative) since before 2014. Maybe since ever.

Not that I haven’t had an excellent excuse for poor sleep over the past two weeks—we’re having two bathrooms remodelled. I need to be up, dressed, and out of my room at an ungodly hour (0730), as mine is one of the bathrooms under construction. There is no access to it except through my bedroom.

The good news is that all should be finished by tomorrow evening, and I can return to my night-owl habits.

KETO TIP: Believe it or not, it IS possible to have a Keto lunch at Starbucks, without paying for carbs you’ll throw away. Options to consider: the avocado spread, a packet of plain almonds, string cheese, and the Felino cheese and salami snacks. Moon cheese is good, too—though at 4.5 servings per package, it’s a challenge for me to limit myself to 1 serving v. 1 package. But even if I eat the whole package, I’ll stay in ketosis.

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