Camp NaNoWriMo Post-Mortem and Writing Update #amwriting

Stuffing more description into my story…
I didn’t make my goal of 30,000 words added to my novel-in-progress—but that’s because halfway through April I switched my focus to responding to LA NaNo’s editorial changes for my short story. That goal I did reach. It is totally okay with me. I’ve learned a lot about working with professional publishers and editors. I’ve learned that once again, my main fault as a writer is that I leave needed exposition out. (Non-fiction pro editors have told me this before. I’m one of the few authors whom editors insist add words… “But, isn’t it obvious to the most casual observer?” “No, Dragon. No, it’s not.” “But it’s redundant! The reader should have inferred it from this information back here on page 3…” “Put it in anyway.”)

So, words added. Story fixed except for (minor, I hope) final polishing. I hope I’ll be able to announce the anthology release date here and on my book blog Real Soon Now.

As for the novel-in-progress, the short story experience did help. And I got the first four chapters solid—I’m very pleased. Now I’m circling around, once again getting a feel for the novel (takes a few days after putting it aside) and polishing some details that came from the short story (which takes place before the novel’s start.) I hope to get a bunch more done in the remaining days of May, in June, and in July Camp NaNoWriMo.


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