Short Story Accepted! #amwriting

Yes! Squee! My short story was accepted by the Los Angeles NaNo 2018 Anthology! Now I must do all those conventionally published sort of things like working with editors, rewriting to editorial request, etc.

Not that I’ll get paid—the writers who are accepted get a credit and the warm knowledge that their work has enabled LA NaNo to make a little money to defray the costs of write-ins, pre-November “How to outline a novel” handouts, as well as pre- and post-NaNoWriMo parties.

But do I mind? Heck, no! I’m doing a happy dance! I never, never thought I could successfully stuff a story with as much background info as a Victorian urban fantasy into 4000 words and have anyone else even comprehend it, much less accept it for (unpaid) publication!!!

When in future I complain about my editors, please remind me of this post.


One thought on “Short Story Accepted! #amwriting”

  1. Congratulations! That is super fabulous! Hey, remind me how to best contact you. Lots of stuff has happened and I’d like to fill you in.


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