Scrivener 3 No Longer Supports Simplenote or Index Card Sync @scrivenerapp #amwriting

First the bad news:

If you’re still using either Simplenote or Index Card by DenVog as your mobile Scrivener solution, Scrivener 3 no longer offers support for these two apps. According to Scrivener’s developer, Keith Blount:

Indeed, this [Simplenote] has gone, along with Index Card sync. I would stress that we really like Simplenote and Index Card and their developers, so this is not meant t[o] be a negative reflection on them in any way. However, as noted, Simplenote has caused us quite a few support issues over the past couple of years. Mainly it was a matter of resources, though. As there’s only me working on the macOS version, I have to be careful that I can continue to maintain support for various features. If Simplenote changes its API or Index Card changes its file format (as both have done at various points), I have to write new code. With Scrivener for iOS sync along with folder sync to maintain now, it was becoming a little impractical to support Simplenote and Index Card too. Apologies for the inconvenience.

All the best,

There is some good news, though, if you either don’t want to spend the US $20 for iOS Scrivener, or simply don’t use iOS devices. You can use Scrivener’s External Folder Sync to permit editing of your Scrivener documents with any mobile editor that has general access to such cloud services as Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive or WebDav.The key is a cloud service that looks like a folder on your Mac hard drive, and a mobile text, Markdown, or .rtf editor that can read from and write files to that service.

I wrote a detailed article on how to set up External Folder Sync in my article, Scrivener v iOS, Part 6. This part of Scrivener has stayed exactly the same as it was in v 2. Support for External Folder Sync has been added to Windows Scrivener 1.9.7 as well, so a completely non-Apple workflow is possible. While my article doesn’t address using External Folder Sync with Windows Scrivener and an Android device, there is no reason why it won’t work with a suitable Android editor. I’ve heard of Android users doing this, but sadly have no experience of my own to share.

Whatever your platform, Happy Scrivening!

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