It’s Published! (The Only Marketing Post You’ll Ever See Here) #amwriting

I published "The Bully Trap"
I published “The Bully Trap”

OK, I CHANGED my mind.

I published The Bully Trap, episode one of Fraser and Spenser, Consulting, under the pen name of SF Lakin. Here’s my book website:

That’s the direct link to the book page. You can get free samples from most of the retailers on the list. If your favorite eBook retailer isn’t on the list, I’ll be very much surprised.

If you’d like to subscribe to my book email list, it’s here:

Special offers and news will go to email subscribers before they go anywhere else, be that else Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, or my website.

What’s it about? It’s an origin story for a pair of detectives in Victorian London, one of whom is magical. Episode one could be classed as a thriller, but Episode Two (my NaNoWriMo project this year) will be a mystery.

No, not those detectives. These are entirely different chaps. Honest.

Enough with the marketing—right now, I’m sitting here in a swamp that’s a mixture of ecstatic joy and abject terror. I’m scared of audiences to the point of tears. And yet, I promised myself that this would be the year I published—and it has been.

Thank Heavens that the technical side of publishing is comparatively easy for me. In fact, tweaking my website, my distribution, my cover—et freaking cetera—threatens to become an even more attractive distraction from new writing than video games. After all, I can convince myself that I’m being “productive.”

This blog post falls into that category as well. NaNoWrimo is calling, and I need to write about 1800 words today. Ta, folks.

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