About Time I Got Back to Work — and a Question For My Blog Readers #amwriting

Cracks a Whip
Time to crack the whip… (Image courtesy of vectorolie at http://FreeDigitalPhotos.net)
Gradually moving my blog to Dropbox has had one notable benefit—it has made plain as day how little actual progress I’ve made on my (nearly there! Honest!) novella since March.

Oh, I’ve gotten some random scenes written that don’t really belong in the first section. I’ve made the changes my beta reader suggested back in February. I’ve used ProWritingAid and gotten a lot of overused words and other drek taken care of. I’ve realized that I have to rename one of my two main characters, due to conflict reasons with other fiction—yuck. But beyond that, I’ve been essentially stuck.

I have plenty of excuses for this lack of fiction production. Beta testing iOS Scrivener made it tough to focus—in retrospect going back to Tech Weenie mode was a big mistake. And a two-week vacation has kicked a four-week hole in my writing output (I now have plenty of experiences to add to my repetoire—but experiences add no words to my documents. At least, not right now.)

In truth, I’ve derailed twice on my writing goals in Beeminder since March. I only kept it to two by cheating and calling writing up iOS Scrivener bugs “writing.”

Shame on me.

Well, no more Ms. Nice Guy. Back to work! (cracks whip)

But I really do have a problem with my character’s name. I need a name for a detective

  • who is a Victorian Englishman.
  • who is not, really not, Sherlock Holmes, thank you very much.
  • who has a partner named Fraser, as in “_______ and Fraser Investigations.”

Any ideas?