If it’s Tuesday, This Must Be Scotland

Oddly enough for a travel blog entry, I won’t be adding a photo today. That’s because the free unlimited data from T-Mobile is slow, and ship’s Wi-Fi is slower. I can’t upload a photo without it being cancelled due to a network timeout. I’ll consider myself lucky to get a blog entry posted at all.

As usual, I find the cruise-with-edifying-port-excursions format frustrating. I get but a tiny taste of something I’d rather sit down with and savor. All I can say for it is that it’s far less stressful than trying the same thing with land transportation.

I can’t complain about our cruise provider, though. Viking Cruises is serious about “all-inclusive”—aside from our fare, we need pay for nothing besides gratuities. The staff is always courteous and eager to provide anything—extra pods for our in-cabin espresso machine, 24-hour room service—that we might reasonably request. Shipboard laundromats are free.

On the other hand I’ve managed to have some experiences that I thought I never would:

  • Seeing the Northern Lights
  • Being at sea during a North Atlantic gale
  • Seeing icebergs
  • Watching a Swedish customs officer get really pissed with a clueless American who thought he could wander back and forth through checkpoints at will

Mind you, none of these was actually on my “bucket list”; in fact, I would put “being at sea during a North Atlantic gale” on my anti-bucket list—an experience that I would happily have gone to my grave without. I’m usually a good sailor, but I needed Dramamine that night. There was nothing the ship’s captain could have done—Hubby pulled up the marine weather forecasts, and the blasted gale actually formed around our position. We had to skip a port-of-call because it would have had the full force of 50-knot winds slamming us into the pier.

Sadly, I had bought my Dramamine from the ship’s shop before I found out I could have gotten a dose by just asking at the passenger desk.

Note to self: Never again attend a presentation in the ship’s theater when said theater is in the forecastle, has no horizon reference, and we’re pounding through forty-foot waves.

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