iOS Scrivener Beta Chugs Along #amwriting @ScrivenerApp

It’s in Testflight and it’s real
“No screenshots and no discussion of features…”

Nonetheless, iOS Scrivener is moving. Literature and Latte have widened the beta this week, and several dozen new pairs of eyes are looking for “unexpected results” (cough, cough, bugs) or even “It works (this way) on the (Mac/PC) and it’s confusing when it works (that way) on iOS…”

iOS Scrivener is much cleaner than it was when beta started, and it was pretty darn clean to begin with. Some of my fellow beta testers are disappointed that they haven’t been able to find any bugs…

I want to say publicly what I posted privately on the beta forum:

I’d like to express my professional admiration, Keith, for the amazingly small storage footprint of iOS Scrivener. 7.5 MB! Dear Heavens! With all the functionality you’ve managed to stuff in? If you told me you’d found a way to store part of the app in hyperspace, I would not be surprised. [futher effusive praise snipped]

Well done.

Other things being equal, a smaller app is a faster app. It’s also an app that leaves precious device RAM (the stuff the mobile device manufacturers don’t brag about because it’s so puny) to hold and work with your documents. That said, I’m sure it will grow a bit as it’s polished for release. No, it doesn’t have quite all the bells and whistles of Mac/PC Scrivener, but it has a lot. It should be usable as a stand-alone (neither PC nor Mac) composition app. It should work just fine even on a minimal storage device (so long as that device is big enough to hold your project(s).) I’m happy using it on my iPhone 5c, and obscenely delighted with using it on my iPad Air 2.

You’ve got a treat coming, folks. Wait for it.


5 thoughts on “iOS Scrivener Beta Chugs Along #amwriting @ScrivenerApp”

  1. One thing I’m looking forward to – I hope: support for the iPad Pro 12.9″ version. The big fella. I have one with the smart keyboard cover (plus the Apple Pencil) and I love it. The MacBook Air is getting left behind much more often these days – except for the need for Scrivener…
    So please – pretty please – can we expect Scrivener for iOS to support the larger screen size of the big iPad Pro and exploiting that extra space to put more content on screen – not just a blown up version of the “normal” iPad screen?


  2. Sorry, Pete, but while I haven’t formally signed a non-disclosure agreement, L&L did ask that I not discuss features. I suggest that you check out the L&L blog at and the long thread about iOS in the support forum at

    That said, I will say that Keith’s experience in providing flexible layouts has carried over, and that I have heard no complaints on this score from beta testers who own “the big one.”


  3. Literature and Latte have announced the release date as before the end of July. I know it’s hard to wait for it… But it really is close.


  4. Hi, folks. A naughty beta tester guest-starred on a webcast and demoed Scrivener on an iPad Pro at . So Pete, you can check out what it looks like on the Big One. I confirm that it puts more info on the screen than my iPad Air 2 does.

    And Carla, it’s just been submitted to Apple for review. No telling how long Apple will take to do their Approval Dance, but Keith is hoping it will be on the app store next week.


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