Stuck in the Planned Obsolescence Swamp #amwriting

Image courtesy of Sira Anamwong at
Image courtesy of Sira Anamwong at
I’ve been struck with the Planned Obsolescence triple whammy.

First whammy: I use Zapier to cobble some of the pieces of my GTD system together. When it works, it’s great. But some weeks ago either Trello updated its Zapier interface or Zapier updated its Trello interface, or both. So my completed items stopped being automatically marked as completed. That cost me several hours of rebuilding my automation and debugging it. Blah. But it’s running again, now.

Second whammy: The iPad 3 has developed two separate hardware problems:

  1. The Home button has gotten “stubborn” — it doesn’t respond to every press. So I try to do a double press to get to the gallery of apps in memory, and I try it twice because the first try doesn’t work, and I inadvertently trigger color inversion. Then the same problem happens when I try to turn the colors back to normal, and I still haven’t gotten to the app gallery… I am learning to use other means to do this (keyboard shortcut if I’ve got a hardware keyboard going, or a swipe-to-gallery gesture if I don’t) but habits die hard.
  2. The 30-pin dock connector has some wear or damage that prevents the internal speaker from functioning — and also makes power connections unreliable. Thus I miss alerts either because I can’t hear them, or because the iPad itself has died due to not charging when it was plugged in all night. Wiggle the cable and it starts charging…

The iPad issues cost me more than a day and a visit to the Genius Bar to diagnose. The good news is that it’s a comparatively easy fix — it’s time for a . . . well, a reconditioned iPad Air 2, anyway. I’ve ordered it from Apple and it should arrive next week. But it’ll cost me hours again to back up the old iPad, and restore to the new one.

Third whammy: The battery on my iPhone 5c is dying. I still think I can use the phone for ten hours — but really it’s dropped to seven hours, and the loss of battery life is accelerating.

There’s no quick solution for the phone — it’s out of warranty, and the contract still has four months to run. All I can do is carry a backup battery everywhere (yes, everywhere), and remember to charge them both.

At least I got a lot of writing done in Cambridge.

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