Elizabeth York, the Asshat Thief, and Why Every Artist Should Want to SCREAM Right Now

You tell ’em girl — theft of intellectual property is THEFT. Period.

Jena Gregoire ~ Author of Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Romance

My Facebook went BANANAS this weekend.

And with damn good reason.

I am careful what I speak about online because I think we have a real problem with outrage culture right now, but this is something that NEEDSto be addressed.  Not just for authors, but for artists in general.

Elizabeth York is a name you may or may not be familiar with.  She’s a biggie in the indie world, and a straight up sweetheart.  This weekend, she posted the following:

E York Part 1

This one post lit a firestorm across the internet because it once again spotlights an issue authors have been facing for a while now.  Let’s be clear, what this reader is admitting to is NO DIFFERENT than ebook piracy.  We’ll get into that more in a minute.  First, Ms. York’s post from the following day:

E York Part 2



I’m writing this post as a plea with my fellow readers and writers.  

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