Camp NaNoWriMo progress #amwriting

Screenshot 2016-04-12 16.48.35I’m not doing badly at all in terms of getting editing hours in — though they are interrupted by beta testing, in the sense that when I encounter an “unexpected result” (hey, it’s in beta. That’s what it’s FOR) in the beta build of Scrivener I need to go post on their bug board.

But still — writing, testing, writing. Get up and walk. Record my food. Record my weight. The days have been pretty routine.

Routine will be broken on April 27, though. That’s the date when Hubby and I will travel to Cambridge, Massachusetts for a week. (Our thirty-one year old son, who works out and is built like a linebacker, will be house-sitting for us.) We’ll be attending our college dormitory’s annual bacchanalia, Steer Roast.

Yes, they roast a steer — well, four quarters of beef. It’s a weekend long party. The President of the Institute lives in the building next door — and understandably leaves for the weekend.

I look forward to reconnecting to my nerdly roots.