Draft, Revisited #amwriting

Screenshot 2016-02-28 12.34.02It’s not working out.

My recent romance with the web-only text editor Draft has ended as my previous fling ended — with regret that it doesn’t let changes from Scrivener be synced to it automatically. It’s one step too many; it’s too easy to be in Scrivener, and say, “Wait a moment — that can’t be happening then because this other thing needs to happen first…” and just make the change, forgetting that I was supposed to be doing my editing in Draft. As well, I love the “scrivenings” mode in Scrivener, where several small texts are displayed as if they were one big text. It’s just not available in Draft — or anywhere else but Scrivener itself. So, Draft is not happening for me, automatic word count transfer to Beeminder notwithstanding.

At this point, I may use the automated simplification feature of Draft, or use their staff copy editors. But for actually doing my own revisions, I think I’ll stick with Scrivener. Yes, my MacBook and Scrivener are spoiling me for other writing solutions. Oh well.