Dodging Non-Existent Critics

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Thanks to my post two weeks ago, I now have a Beta Reader! Yay, Cynthia! She has my first chapter right now…

I apologize for not posting for two weeks — I’ve been too busy writing. This is a wonderful problem to have, as I am all too likely to write a blog post first, and catch up on my word count second — or last. So, with more than 60K words written in my latest universe, and some of it looking close to release, I now have to really look at the scary prospect of Publishing.

The mechanics of self-publishing have never scared me. It’s technical. Technical I can do, no problem. It’s that horrible stuff of self-promotion, dealing with negative reviews (“They hated it! I might as well drop my MacBook down a well!”) or positive reviews (“They liked it! Oh, crap! That means they’ll want me to keep delivering… What if I can’t? I’ll get distracted… I might as well drop my MacBook down a well!”) or no reviews at all (“They didn’t notice it! I might as well drop my MacBook down a well!”)

If this sounds overly dramatic, well, yes. It is. Intellectually, I know it is. That doesn’t help my inner little girl who hated performing in recitals, because people would praise her performance (“Lies. They must be.”) or ignore her performance (“Didn’t you see how hard I worked?”) or pan her performance (“They never do that to your face, but you know, just know that they’re talking behind your back.”)

Yeah. Little Sandra didn’t have a positive attitude on performing. Right now she’s plotting behind my back to publish under a pseudonym and never, never, let anyone who actually knows her or reads her blog know that she’s published anything.

And I’m not even finished with anything yet. Hell, that’s probably why I’ve never finished anything. Don’t want to face the internal drama. If it’s not finished, I can’t publish even though self-publishing is ridiculously easy…

OK. Now I have to figure out a way to Beemind actually publishing something. Jeez.


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