Hackers, New Hardware, and the Holiday Word Count Dip

Hot new hardware!
Hot new hardware!
First of all, Happy Holidays to all! May you enjoy the winter solstice celebration of your choice, in your own way, and to the Void with what you think others’ expectations are.

Holidays almost always distract me from writing. Having hacker(s) from Plano, Texas try to break into my Google mail account is worse. They hit me two days before Christmas, and I spent a worried two days locking down that account, and reviewing my security. Bleah.

Christmas, however, proved a bigger distraction — Santa (Hubby) delivered a gorgeous refurbished 11 inch MacBook Air! The latest and greatest, it is, less than a year old, with the most memory, the fastest processor, and the biggest flash drive available in the MB Air line. Smooth and sleek, I’ve named him Simon Templar…

Ahem. That having been said, transfer of programs and data from my old Mac Mini to the new MacBook took hours. Despite the slick Apple migration software, there were still some hitches — and 256 gigabytes of applications and data do not transfer instantaneously over WiFi. As well, some security problem echoes came back to haunt me. Not to mention that, well, I can’t let goodness like having two displays available at home (an amazing luxury!) go unexplored — how to arrange them, how this dual display thing works — all of this took time to figure out. I also had to determine the most efficient way to connect my many peripherals to half as many USB and video ports as I had before. That took some time. Then I had to try out Scrivener with the dual displays, and figure out what might be an efficient way of working for me — which, since Scrivener has so darn many features, also took some time. There was a cabling problem that resulted in a trip to the Apple Store Genius Bar (which resulted in me getting a free new cable to interface MacBook and iPad. Sweet.)

But most of that is past, now, and yesterday I settled in for a nice writing session which resulted in 1,300+ words! My actual typing speed goes up on the MacBook, since I am no longer fighting the iPad / Scrivener integration battle, not to mention that running an iPad 3 with a keyboard, well — Apple has come around most reluctantly to hardware keyboards and drawing styluses for touch screens. I’m sure the iPad Pro with its designed-to-fit keyboard and special stylus — excuse me, Apple Pencil — is wonderful, but for the older iPads it’s still mostly workarounds.

So, where shall I go with Simon Templar today?

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