NaNoWriMo’s Done — But I’m Not

Screenshot 2015-12-01 14.54.07I’m not giving up. Yes, even though I didn’t get halfway — look at that graph! I’ve been writing EVERY SINGLE DAY since November 20. Given how far I’d sunk into despair — yes, I was thinking, “What’s the use? I’m not even writing…” — That’s a remarkable comeback.

So I’m back at the Starbucks in Burbank (What’s that you ask? Why Burbank? In a moment…) writing this afternoon. I’ve been going to Starbucks in various locations often, as I seem to get at least a few words written when I get out of the house, and none when I stay in.

As for why Burbank — I found the Starbucks at Verdugo and Olive a few months ago after shopping at the IKEA store, also in Burbank. This Starbucks is a spacious store, and particularly well-supplied with power outlets and comfy chairs. Parking is free, too, which is no longer the case with the Starbucks closest to my home.

I really like comfy chairs, nice overstuffed chairs I can curl up in, with my iPad and its keyboard. I’ve even (gasp) taken my Mac Mini with me, plugged it in, and used my iPad as a wired monitor. The software to do this is called Duet Display, and lets me avoid all the remote desktop v. Index Card v. folder sync with text editor challenges — I just use Scrivener on my Mac Mini. Problems solved. Of course, since the Mac Mini is a desktop computer and therefore has no batteries, I must journey to a place with lots of power outlets. So if I want to write on the subway (yes, we have subways here in Los Angeles) I still must use other solutions.

I may even break down and get a Mac laptop. I feel like a traitor to mobile device writing (having converted before 2005 via Palm OS PDAs), but there it is — there’s no release date for iOS Scrivener except “not in 2015.” I’m way too spoiled by Scrivener to go back to anything else. And the good folks at Literature and Latte are not putting any effort into improving their other sync schemes because they have chosen to put their effort into Scrivener iOS. So… the Mac Mini is over five years old. It’s about replacement time anyway (I’ve already replaced both the DVD drive and the hard drive.) So a MacBook Air may be in my near future.

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