Hockey Season Has (Almost) Begun!

IMG_0224We’re at Staples Center for the Ducks v. Kings pre-season game. No more depression — I always have a smile on my face at the arena.


2 thoughts on “Hockey Season Has (Almost) Begun!”

  1. I’m in your boat…so excited for hockey season. I count the days in the off season. The first game I will be attending is a special date night for the mister and I. Sharks Vs Kings. Our first ‘date’ involved watching them play! Go hockey!


  2. Hubby and I are season ticket holders for the Kings’ AHL (minor league) affiliate, the Ontario (California) Reign. As season ticket holders, we got vouchers for a Kings preseason game (ah, the perks of being a big fish in a small pond!) We’ll miss the Reign’s preseason 😦 and their first home game is October 23, so I still have a few weeks to go to see more hockey live. If you are in the Bay Area, I suggest you give the Sharks’ new minor league affiliate there a try. Our experience is that the prices are modest, the seats better, and watching the young players develop is a treat.

    I won’t ask if you’re a Kings or a Sharks fan . . . We hockey fans must stick together. May the best team win the Cup!


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