Time to Go Onstage

Image courtesy of Chris Sharp at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
“Oops” Image courtesy of Chris Sharp at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
NaNoLosAngeles (the Los Angeles region of NaNoWriMo) has announced that they will release a 2015 short story anthology, and have called for entries. Each entry should be a maximum of four thousand words, have “time” as a major theme, and contain a major “oops” moment.

I didn’t submit an entry for last year’s anthology, and was preparing to ignore this year’s anthology, but my brain had other ideas. Much to my own surprise, 838 words of short story have come out of my digital pen this morning. Not bad words, either.

It’s my Steampunk detective universe making itself a nuisance again. The place just won’t die.

Since my characters are so eager to audition, I suppose I’ll let them prepare for a turn in front of the anthology editors. After all, we have to stop hiding behind old scenery flats sometime.