NaNoWriMo Murder, She Thought

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We’re more than halfway through October. If I were organized, I’d have an outline for my November NaNoWriMo novel underway, character sheets sketched out, Scrivener project begun.

But I’m not organized.

Instead, I have drama in my life. This I do not need — drama needs to happen on the page in November. Drama is happening, though, with the leader of my local NaNo write-in.

A bit of background — for nearly a year I have been associate host of a year-round NaNo write-in. I took on that role for a very simple reason: I wanted to have someplace each week to write, with others who wanted to write as well. I wanted to keep the door open, through the summer doldrums and the September “oh, we’re too busy starting [fill in the blank] to write”. There’s never a problem finding a NaNo group in November, or even October. But I’ve gone to lots of “year-round” write-ins in my local region where no one was there — no organizer, no participants — except me.

If I was going to do that anyway, I might as well be official about it.

I spoke to a “year-round” host in my local area, and was quickly put on as a co-host. The time was changed to one less convenient for me, and the venue changed to one where I can’t eat the food. Fine. I buy a coffee each week. I put out a NaNoWriMo write-in table tent.

From my point of view, it’s been a rousing success. At least one other person has been there to write every single week. Occasionally I give in, eat the food, and get mildly sick for a day.

But the primary host has Ambitions. He has a new spouse, a demanding job, and two very time-consuming positions in another writers’ group. He added a critique group to the NaNo write-in — thankfully that has been moved to another day and taken over by another group member more interested in it. He also has taken on the job of running NaNoWriMo prep sessions in October, extra write-in sessions in November, and has become webmaster for a regional NaNo Meetup group. I offered to help with some duplication of paper materials for the prep sessions, as that didn’t commit me to attend anything.

He slammed me. With no prior request, I woke up Tuesday to find an email informing me that he’d graciously made me an Event Organizer in the regional NaNo meetup group, so that I could send emails and make event changes when he was too busy. I also found six emails informing me that I’d RSVP’d “yes” for events I couldn’t attend.

And I can’t find him to pick up or drop off paper materials.

I am livid. I can’t even speak Californian — I am so angry that my accent has devolved to Gulf Coast Texan.

I’ve taken myself out of all leadership in that regional NaNo meetup, sent him a curt email telling him that he need not count on my support past that which I have already promised — and by the way, where and when does he want to to transfer paper materials? — here’s MY schedule.

I am within a hair of withdrawing from any group he’s part of, and starting my own damn year-round write-in. But I won’t get the satisfaction of telling him off to his face — he’s too damned busy.

Maybe I do have a plot for my November novel, after all.

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