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I’m not turning this blog into a rideshare driver blog — Harry, over at The Rideshare Guy does that very well. But I am learning a lot from driving:

  1. 4.97 stars is good enough. Not everyone is going to like my writing, just as not everyone is going to like my driving.
  2. It’s okay to learn as I go. If I had to live with the rating I got on my first day driving, I’d be on probation. By extension, it’s okay if my first novel just doesn’t suck. I mean, a person’s first published novel rarely wins a prize. Yes, I know that some do. But most don’t.
  3. Customer service is king. By this I don’t mean having lots of giveaway goodies in my car (such as bottled water.) Instead, I mean listening to the customers, treating them with respect, not bitching at them about not making money this ride — just making sure they get value for their money. This does not conflict with (2) above — if that novel is the best I can write at the time, and the customers find it entertaining and worth what I charge for it, and I interact with my (future) readers and treat them with respect, that’s customer service. It’s not a perfect novel. It’s not lots of add-ons. It’s providing entertainment and courtesy.

I hope I’ll have more to write about writing soon — finding the balance between my part-time job and writing is a challenge.

And I don’t even want to think about NaNoWriMo looming…

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