Time to Get Back to Work

Nuremberg -- The inside of a gigantic Nazi arena that was never finished.
Nuremberg — The inside of a gigantic Nazi arena that was never finished. Supposedly it’s being preserved as a warning — but the trees growing out of the walls cause me to question that…
I arrived back in Los Angeles from Europe late Monday, five days ago. Tuesday was fine; I sort of got back into the swing of things . . . and then that nagging sneeze and nasal itch became a full-fledged summer cold.

Not my favorite souvenir of Europe.

But I’m back to almost healthy again, and it’s time to face up to the fact that while I was on vacation . . . I was on vacation. No, I got no writing done. I’ve learned a lot about myself though:

  • Seven days is about the maximum time I can go without solitude. I love Hubby, but after seven days sharing a tiny room and every activity I’m climbing walls (or bulkheads. Whatever.) Note to self: Plan opportunities to go off by myself on future vacations.
  • The experience of a very large cruise ship finding its way out of a lock by Braille is unpleasantly like that of being in an earthquake. Note to self: Avoid bottom-deck staterooms.
  • I would rather go exploring with Hubby than listen to history lectures from a guide.
  • I would rather have honest sausage and sauerkraut than Haute Cuisine every. Single. Night.
  • Nuremberg is the Museum City of “We’re Really Sorry About That.” Listening to two hours of “We’re really sorry about that” is depressing — and old Nazi buildings are even more so.

But I need to get my second draft finished, so it’s back to work for me today. One day, one sentence at a time.

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