Off the Beaten Path

Trained Golden Eagle
Trained Golden Eagle at Ehrenbreitstein Fortress
After my shipmates and Hubby came back from the Bamburg tour I had a talk with Hubby about, well, how boring I found the conventional tours were that came with our cruise. As a result, we started branching away earlier and more thoroughly.

At Koblenz, Germany in particular we ignored the harrowing bus trip to Marksburg Castle, because we could see a cable car ride to a perfectly good castle just meters from our dock. We were ever so glad we did. The cable car ride was fun and we got to see a falconry demonstration that was superb (even if it was all in German so that Hubby had to translate for me.) Ehrenbreitstein Fortress itself was a museum with a historical perspective on the site as far back as the Bronze Age. We had coffee in a courtyard that overlooked the confluence of the Mosel and the Rhine. Meanwhile our shipmates were driving up one lane, two-way roads to a castle that was, yes, abandoned earlier than Ehrenbreitstein, and therefore had intact medieval architecture. I didn’t really get to see an intact medieval castle from the inside.

Instead, I saw the eagle flying. Good trade.