Camp NaNoWriMo Week 4 Begins

Chapters with Scene Lists Complete:

20 / 20

There is some good news this Camp for me: I finally completed the list of scenes I started back in June.

. . . OK, it wouldn’t warm the heart of a Traditional Publisher. It doesn’t really warm mine. But it’s progress from where I was this time last week, when I was so ashamed of my lack of progress that I couldn’t even post to this blog. All the scenes I think I can salvage from my first draft have been dropped into the new, complete structure, so my progress through yesterday looks like:
Screenshot 2014-07-22 16.21.13

I’ve made a great deal of progress as well on the ADHD v. productivity front. It’s a lot easier to say I’m going to manage myself better than to do it. One of the things I’m not willing to do anymore is to operate from a place of fear, and finding things to replace that and implementing them consistently is a bitch. If I’m not going to operate from fear of peer pressure in NaNoWriMo, how can I motivate myself?

Well, I’m making more use of the Rewards structure in HabitRPG — I really hadn’t set up rewards that motivate me outside of the inherent rewards of the game. Now, I reward myself with things like time to soak in the tub, an 85% cocoa chocolate bar, and similar items. One of the difficulties is that I can’t sabotage other goals I don’t talk about much on this blog — goals like losing the sixty-three pounds I need to lose, improving my fitness level, ad infinitum — the ordinary goals of health and strength that half of the USA needs to work on. I’ve been making progress on those since May, as well as on writing. And of course, I can’t use things that would take inordinate amounts of time away from writing, thus sabotaging my writing goal.

Well. Two steps forward, after the backwards step last week, and moving on.

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