Camp NaNoWriMo — Not What I Had Planned . . .

Screenshot 2014-07-19 16.46.09 . . . But then, when is it ever?

I was making some progress, if only by dropping in scenes from the last draft into my new structure. But then — first, taking HabitRPG out of my daily task management — that bit me. Badly. I wasn’t able to keep up my daily routine at all. Then, when I was near admitting that I had to put all my repeating events back into HabitRPG and live with the GTD difficulties . . . I became ill. I haven’t finished all the antibiotic yet.

I have, though, put HabitRPG back as my daily task management. I decided that it’s better to have an occasional to-do fall through the cracks than to have entire days do so. Now if only I can make my weekly review more efficient.