Hockey Madness

2014-06-11 13.59.34

I may as well quit trying to even pretend to focus on writing today.

The Kings might win the Stanley Cup!

Two years ago, Los Angeles made a sacrifice to the Hockey Gods, which they found acceptable – the Sandley Cup, a sand sculpture put in place in front of Staples Center. No such sculpture arrived this year, sadly, so I sacrifice my weekly blog post.

We are the Kings of the ice
We have a goalie named Quick
And he is
We have a defenceman named Doughty
And he is
We are as strong as the Santa Ana winds
As enduring as the mountains
As tough as East L.A.
Like the earthquake we bring all to their knees
The City of Angels sneers at the Big Apple


— Update 6/17/14 —

The Kings won the Stanley Cup on Friday! In the words of the beer commercial, it’s only weird if it doesn’t work.