Beaver Cup XXVIII — CalTech 8, MIT 4

The victorious CalTech alumni graciously let the MIT team crowd in on the sides for the group photo.
The victorious CalTech alumni graciously let the MIT team crowd in on the sides for the group photo after the game.
It’s taken me since May 10 to get to the point that I could write about this year’s Beaver Cup.

True to form, the MIT Alumni Club didn’t publicize the annual contest between the MIT Alumni Hockey Team and the CalTech Alumni Hockey Team until the week before the game. I don’t know if this is because the game time and location just aren’t settled until then, or for other, darker reasons. In any event, I scrambled to arrange my schedule to attend with Hubby.

The first hint I had that Mother Technology’s Sons might be in trouble was before the first puck drop, when an MIT team member looked up at us two sixty-ish, out-of-shape alums and asked, “Does either of you skate?”

Ahem. We cheered every goal by MIT in L.A. style, waving our cardinal red accessories. We disparaged CalTech’s goals with raspberries twice as often, darn it. And at the end, CalTech took possession of the Cup for the coming year.

Oh, well. There’s always next year.


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  1. As a proud father of a young Caltech Beaver Cup (CBC) player, I requested & viewed last year’s game on the east coast (entire game’s on YouTube courtesy the CBC Website guru). [Good for scouting purposes?] my son’s already agreed to play in the 2015 rematch – more details on CBC facebook page.


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