Fiction Unboxed Funded!

FictionUnboxedStretchYes! Come June I’ll be watching pros write a novel in a month. Not a crude rough draft, but (presumably) a finished, edited, publication quality novel which will join their copious inventory.

Yes, readers, this is an unashamed promotion here: If you help overfund the Fiction Unboxed Kickstarter, all of us backers will get some pretty cool stretch goal goodies. Such things as free copies of Scrivener, Johnny, Sean, and Dave’s own Scrivener template, and yet more stuff to be named later.

The real benefit for me will be actually watching the writing process rather than being told about it later. What I’m hoping for is a one-month apprenticeship in the self-publishing business — as opposed to a self-publishing hobby or self-publishing wishful thinking.

Yeah! June’s gonna rock!