Last Tuesday of November


imageI’ve taken to putting sticky note images all over my iPad and Mac screens. They contain goal reminders, to-do lists, and quotes from NaNoWriMo pep talks, like the first image left.

Not that I am doing much that is on my to-do list except writing. As you can see from the second (graph) image, this NaNoWriMo has turned in to a mad race to the end, not unlike the last two times I’ve won.

And yet, the magic has happened. The magic that happens at unpredictable intervals, where the characters take off and start writing the story for me. The magic that makes me stare at my screen at the end of the session and say, “Damn. Did I write that?”

Not that the magic happened in the story I started writing. That bogged down. No, there is a new story that started writing itself about Day 19. Unlike anything else I’ve ever written, the new story is a mystery novel. It should be a corker–even I don’t know who done it yet.

I’m not throwing away or not counting the words I did earlier–they may turn into a story yet. But I trust the magic.


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