Coffee Connection, Culver City

20130713-101205.jpgI’m at the first of two write-ins — not that I can locate other NaNoWriMos. I am not inclined to go up and introduce myself to people with headphones in…

Of course, I have installed headphones myself, so am unlikely to actually interact with others. All the better for my word count, I suppose. At least the venue is lovely, the coffee price decent, and the weather here (closer to the beach) less oppressive.


One thought on “Coffee Connection, Culver City”

  1. Good for you for keeping up with your NaNoWriMo project! Now that I have some time again, I really need to get back on there and just let my imagination fly. I tend to have too many reservations with this project, even though I’m just supposed to be writing out a draft. 🙂

    As for the headphones… yeah. I’ve been in that situation before. 😛


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