Camp NaNoWriMo, Day 12

I did get a few words done on my novel today, but basically I’ve just broken down. The brother-in-law passing, the trip from California to Virginia for the funeral, the need to both pack and come up with a systems strategy to keep writing even though I’ve depended heavily on my desktop Mac– my brain is spinning out. I just now sat down and cried because I dropped a bottle of Tylenol.

So Hubby quietly got me the Tylenol and some water (I love that man!), helped me figure out what to pack, and now I’m looking at how to physically keep writing. I don’t have a laptop — I’ve been using a remote desktop app, LogMeIn, on my iPad to use the Scrivener app on my desktop Mac for all my writing.

That ain’t going to work on an airplane from Los Angeles to Richmond.

Solving this is critical to my peace of mind — a software developer for decades, if my writing system isn’t serving its purpose, I can’t just ignore it and write longhand for a few days. My brain will peck away at the systems problem and refuse to think about getting my heroine and her swain into jeopardy and out. I will be fretting about getting to Frys for that needed doohickey, or searching the App Store for the perfect tool, and I won’t be either paying attention to my grieving relations or getting my word count plumped up.

So, yeah, I’ve put in some work on the systems problem today, and I think I have a solution hammered out. It involves the Index Card app for iPad, Scrivener, and one of Scrivener’s capabilities I’ve hitherto ignored, to wit, its ability to use MarkDown codes. I’ll be testing my solution at two different LA write-ins tomorrow, to the tune of 5,000 words (I hope.) I’ll keep you posted.

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