Camp NaNoWriMo, Day 7

I logged 600+ words today, but my writing session was more productive than the raw word count shows. Most importantly, I got to know my protagonist a lot better. As well, I started developing a timeline… I know, I know. This is something that all the writing teachers I’ve had have suggested having in advance– an outline, a timeline, a list of characters…

But how could I have developed a timeline when I only met Leticia seven days ago? She of the Hispanic accent and the limitless attitude, the military and prison background, the semi-voluntary Mars colonist? Honest, when I sat down last Monday to a blank Scrivener project, she walked in and said, “Eh, chica, this book going to be about me.”

… where the hell did she come from? Honestly, I know no more than you. But a friend today was wise enough to say to me, “You made room for her.”

I suppose I did. I’ve given up on revising the November novel I wrote. The truth is, I never liked my protagonist much. Lazy dude, he just wouldn’t get up off the page and be three-dimensional no matter what I did. Don’t want to hang out with him any more; I’d rather chill with Leticia.


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