Beaver Cup XXVII – MIT 4, CalTech 1

I attended the Beaver Cup XXVII hockey game today, a (roughly) annual Southern California traditional meeting between the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Alumni team and the California Institute of Technology Alumni team. CalTech (hereinafter the “Evil Empire”) alums had sent the MIT (hereinafter “Mother Technology”) alums to ignominious defeat in the last three BC games.

In this photo (taken with my less-than-smart phone) you can see the Mother Technology players lining up for a face-off (all my photos were taken at face-offs since my phone camera is too crummy to get motion shots.)

The Evil Empire alums scored first in the first period, and the loyal crowd feared another humiliating defeat for Mother Technology. But Mother Technology’s sons scored two goals in the second period, and another two in the third to return the Cup to its rightful place.

We are happy
Tech is Hell
T – E – C – H – N – O – L
O – G – Y

Updated 5/13/2013 — I have reaped the true fruits of my regrettable social ineptness; due to not interacting with team members I made two errors of fact in my original article. These have been corrected, and to the best of my belief this post is correct as it now stands. My apologies to the Southern California MIT Alumni Hockey Team, and to the CalTech Alumni Hockey Team as well.


4 thoughts on “Beaver Cup XXVII – MIT 4, CalTech 1”

  1. Thanks for your article. . . I was one of Mother Technology’s Son’s on the ice on Saturday. However, you have made two very glaring errors in your event discription. 1. We are very much a TEAM! We have been playing together for almost three decades. and 2. The cup is NOT virtual. It is very real and it accompanied us to quite a few Los Angeles-area bars on Saturday night.


  2. My most profound apologies…. And though I have attended three Beaver Cup games, I have never actually SEEN the Cup. I wil make corrections to my article IMMEDIATELY.


  3. silverdrag0n: I, too, am one of Mother Technology’s Sons, as you call us. I am “The Goalie.” Indeed, we have been playing this 1-game tournament for nearly 3 decades, and it is a shame that you, a loyal fan, have not had the opportunity to hold the trophy — the glorious Beaver Cup. Next year, please come down to the ice after the game, and I promise that you can not only behold, but also actually hold the Cup. We’ll even stand still for a moment so that your iPhone can get it in focus!

    Thank you for coming out to see us, and we look forward to seeing you next year!

    Gaspo, MIT’88


  4. Dear silverdrag0n,

    Cheers to you for supporting us. As Gaspo says, you should hoist the cup!

    Warm regards,


    Mike Westphal – (’90 MIT)


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