Deadline: June 15

I have arbitrarily set a deadline of June 15 for two revisions of my novel. Why June 15?

Two reasons: First, the CreateSpace offer of five free actual paperback bound copies of any NaNoWriMo winner’s finished novel expires on June 30. June 15 gives me time for a quick final spelling and grammar check before submitting.

Second, Camp Nanowrimo begins in July next year, I think. June 15 will let me have a breather and a week of research before I begin, should I choose to do so.

I will be setting subsidiary goals for first and second revisions, but I will begin tonight at the local write-in with an inch-thick pile of paper and a brightly-colored pen. Yeah, OK, I’m a dinosaur, but errors jump out at me from paper that my eye slides by on a screen.

Book, here I come!