On set again Friday…

…so I may fall further behind, even as I sit and try to catch up this evening. I have personal obligations I can’t avoid next weekend, so I may be playing catch-up for a while. Another long day on set will really kick my word count down. Darn it, I wanted to keep up this year.

I haven’t given up though. This may be a short day, after all (it will start at 6:30 AM, and more than half my calls end before six hours are gone) and I will have a five-day stint in the Sierras over Thanksgiving that may yet be my noveling salvation.

I am looking over what I just read, and I can’t believe I’m actually complaining about getting too much acting work. Please forget that, Universe! I am grateful for every gig. I WILL learn how to do that, and write as well.

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