Ancient Device Found on SilverDragon’s Desk

Yes, folks, it’s a Palm Lifedrive with Universal IR Keyboard, and it’s still in use ;-). The combo is lighter than a laptop and allows for touch typing; it’s taken me through filmmaking classes and four attempts at Nanowrimo. My desktop Mac broke down a few weeks ago, and I promptly came down with an attack of fantasies of a new desktop or laptop Mac, maybe with an iPhone or the new Palm Pre (Palm loyalty dies hard), but an examination of the (lack of) SilverFinances convinced me that making do with what I’ve got would be a better plan…

So I bought the old Mac a new(er) power supply, and I’ve been updating all the software for the little devil below.  Adding bluetooth capability and SD cards is cheap these days, so it’s doing better than ever before at being a substitute laptop/iPod — the poor thing just isn’t the latest kewl hardware tho…

DataChugger LD
DataChugger LD

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