Category: Along the Artist’s Way

Working through Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way,was a life-changing experience for me. This category is intended to record my status as I continue to practice the principles and exercises I learned there, and also in her follow-up book, The Vein of Gold. As of today, on the plus side: 


* I’ve been keeping up with Morning Pages for many months. 

* I’ve been doing my Artist Dates on a regular basis for months as well. 

* I’ve been following my medical food plan for two days. 


On the minus side, my record in self-care is not great: 

* I’ve not been getting enough sleep. 

* I’ve not been eating well, until 2 days ago. 

* I’ve not been doing the Daily Walks recommended in The Vein of Gold; which counts twice, both in spiritual discipline and in self-care. 

* As for Weekly Walks, forget it. Hasn’t really happened since January. 


I’m posting this, not because I really think anyone cares about whether I’m following my eating plan or walking daily, but to have a PUBLIC record of my progress, or lack thereof, in these matters. 


Update 10:41 PM – What was I THINKING when I posted this morning? Ahem. It’s important to me that this is public to keep myself honest with me. I’m really bad about rationalizing this stuff. I plan on making an entry in this category whenever something significantly changes; i.e., my self-care gets better (or worse), I follow through on some recommended exercise (or abandon the attempt.) I’m hoping that somewhere out there in blog-land I can find a buddy or three to communicate with about this.