Yeehaw!!!!! They ROCK!

Yes, I DID lose my loops, and earlier than I hoped (but not as early as I feared). And there WAS a bit of light leakage early in the second roll. BUT — Thanks to finding my frame rate dial set incorrectly, I re-shot everything that I needed to re-shoot. It’s all dead in-focus. It’s all correctly exposed. The titles kick butt – better than any others in the class so far. The slow motion really looks good.

I played with the idea of getting my unedited footage telecine’d so I could digitally edit it in parallel and have a copy to post on the web before September — but el Professor vetoed that, in that he REALLY doesn’t want to know if I do any such thing. VERY strictly against LAVC policy. *sigh* I may yet do it, but only as a backup — this thing of working on reversal film and therefore having NO backup and physically cutting the film itself is nerve-wracking.

But if I do that, then I won’t be able to start editing until, possibly, Tuesday. This telecine-now idea occurred to me this morning and I asked about it at Yale, but their telecine machine is booked through tomorrow — and they’re not open on the weekend. So it would be done Monday at the earliest, which would eliminate Saturday and possibly Monday as editing dates. So — I think I’ll pass.

On a related note, Mari brought me a lovely album of prints of the production stills — and there were many great shots I didn’t have! I’m missing 24 photos because she was having trouble sending them to me. She’ll resend them as soon as practical, so I’ll have even more wonderful photos on the web site.

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