Back to … lucrative work.

I’m not going to call it a Real Job any more. It’s not my real job — I’m a filmmaker. It’s lucrative work that enables me to learn more about filmmaking. Nyahh.

But I’m way behind the 8-ball there. Grading piled up, assistant quit, had to quit a committee. Need to get paperwork in for “flex time”. Tenure committee chair is nagging me regarding some website work, and that means he’s in my office and there’s something else that I need to do that’s not getting done. But then, interacting with him and all my other colleagues is part of the job.
And then too, I’ve committed to teaching this summer. I’d rather go to PA boot camp — not that I think I’m qualified yet. But teaching will pay for the new air conditioner which we desperately need in the 100F-plus temperatures this “spring”.